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Manual Raise Arm Heavy Duty Barrier

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The 500HD heavy duty raise arm barrier is a low maintenance, cost effective way of manually controlling access to unauthorised areas.

The 5000HD barrier covers road ways spanning up to 9 meters. The pivot assembly is made of 150mm steel box section, and the boom (100mm diameter) is zinc coated pivoting on two heavy duty stainless steel bearing blocks.

The aluminium arm, finished in either alternate red and white or alternate yellow and black vinyl hatching as standard (other colours available).

The design of the 500HD also comes with a spring loaded locking mechanism allowing you to fix the barrier in the raised and lowered position prior to applying the padlock. It also incorporates a counter balance fish tail weight which is fine tuned for ease of operation.

Dual barriers are available with a central locking mechanism to suit wider spans.

The 500HD comes complete with a lockable end rest, padlock and keys. No mounting plate is required as M16 anchor shield bolts are also included.

Each barrier can be custom designed to suit your company, with a variety of colour schemes available.

Optional extras are available including bottom skirting, stop/no entry signs and pogo tip support.

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